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William Penn
Above: Some events can be recorded more than once - William Penn, a Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania, married Guilelma Maria Springett in 1672. The event was recorded three times in the registers.
Non-Conformist & Non-Parochial Records

Family History and Non-Conformist Records

A Nonconformist is described as "an English subject belonging to a non-Christian religion or any non-Anglican church".

Many Noncomformists were ordinary people, who believed that they could experience Christ without the need for a priest and other "neccessities" the Church of England provided.

On this website you can find informaton about Nonconformist records, how to use Nonconformist records to trace your ancestors, as well as case studies showing Mary Shelley and Christopher Wren in the records.

You can search for your Nonconformist ancestors on the official nonconformist website, www.BMDRegisters.co.uk, with birth registries going back to 1609! The site has records of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial taken from non parish sources, including overseas and maternity records. Below you can see an example page from their website of births from 1700. To find out more about the records, you can click on the link to our page above, or click here.

Above: a section of baptism records in 1700, from www.BMDRegisters.co.uk

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